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the Pre-Retiree

Preretirement is a very important time to make sure your finances (and life) are organized and ready for retirement. We help pre-retirees define and analyze their goals then check to see if their current investments will allow them to meet their goals. We analyze the current portfolio and look for gaps in it (high fees, improper asset allocation, low diversification, etc.). From there we are able to recommend changes to make their goals more likely to be achieved. We also help walk through tricky issues like caring for parents, kids, or both. Additionally, we review your estate plan to look for gaps or updates that should be made. Here is a sample of the ways that we help pre-retirees:

  • Gap analysis of current investments
  • Retirement goal analysis
  • Insurance analysis
  • Transition from work to retirement (help understanding when is your last day of work, or incorporating part time work)